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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 | 0 comments

How do I get to Trinity?

We are located one and half miles up Huffman Road from the New Seward Highway, at the corner of Huffman and Lorraine.

There are two parking lot entrances off of Lorraine Street. The first driveway leads to wheelchair and stroller accessible parking and special parking for first-time visitors. The second driveway leads to parking for parents with small children and is nearer to the nursery entrance. Our friendly greeters will meet you at all the main doors.

When are the worship services and what are they like?

At 10:30 AM we hold a service in our sanctuary that lasts about an hour. Music consists of a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary songs with vocals, drums, guitars,  piano, and everyone sings!  The morning service  includes a children’s message (before the children are dismissed to Kid’s Church), scripture reading, guided silent prayer, about a 20-minute sermon,  an offering and announcements with music interspersed throughout.  Free nursery care  for children up to 31/2 years is available.

Do I have to dress a certain way?

Well, first of all, this is Alaska, so dress for the weather! People dress in a variety of ways at Trinity – some wear their “Sunday best” while others dress very casually. We welcome all.

Does Trinity do anything special for visitors?

After the 10:30 AM service we hold a 7 Minute Party just for our guests! Look for the 7 Minute Party banner in the lobby, where a couple of us will be waiting to meet you personally.  Our goal is for you to be completely comfortable at Trinity. We won’t single you out by asking you to stand up, speak up, or pay up.  We look forward to seeing you!