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Posted on Sep 18, 2013 |

Please click the buttons below for information about giving online to Trinity.

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We are excited to participate in all that God is doing in and around Trinity.  We know that giving our time, talents, prayers are essential to becoming more like Christ.  We believe that giving of tithes and offerings are essential to participating in God’s mission.  God has blessed us to be a blessing to others.  Therefore, we hope and pray that giving our gifts comes as a response to all that God has done for us and will do through us.

Frequently asked questions about giving

Why should I give to Trinity?

All funding for Trinity comes through direct, personal giving. Trinity does not have an endowment fund and does not receive monies from any outside source.

Why should I give money? I already volunteer at the church and/or in the community.

Because we are a body who loves and cares for each other and our neighbors, we are called by God to give of our time, talent and money. We honor God by sharing from His abundance in each of these areas.

What is “tithing?”

Tithing is God’s command to the People of God given in the Bible (Leviticus 27:30, for one example). A “tithe” is 10% of one’s produce or income. God makes it clear that the tithe is to be given first, before any other spending. God calls this giving the “first fruits” because God gives to us first, so we return our tithe to God “first.” Those who have given consistently (tithed) can attest to the strengthening of faith and the joy in sharing that it brings.

How do I start to give that much? I’m not there yet.

People growing in faith often find brand new challenges to that faith. Two thoughts might help you as you seek to grow in your faithfulness to God in tithing.

  1. Learning to tithe is a process. All people of faith find Jesus meeting them with love “where they are.”
  2. Many have used the method of “graduated tithing” to bring them to a full tithe to the church. “Graduated tithing” means that one starts with a percentage of one’s income that they can give; then, each year, one adds to that percentage until a full tithe to the church is reached.

How is the money I give spent?

There are many ways to look at our budget. Here is one: (numbers are approximate for ‘14).

  • Operations = 25% (Heat, cleaning, improvements, office expense, member services…)
  • Mission = 17% (Missionaries, Presbytery, mission organizations, seminary students…)
  • Program = 8% (Worship, fellowship, children, youth, adult ministries, discipleship…)
  • Personnel = 50% (Paid staff)

Can I designate where my money goes?

Yes. By check, note which fund(s) you designate in the memo area. By cash, place cash in an offering envelope and designate fund on the outside. Online: All electronic giving goes into Trinity’s General Fund. If you wish to specify a different fund, please use a paper check, or cash. This is due to various accounting issues with electronic payments.

How can I give to Trinity?

There are several ways:

  1. Our website allows online giving via debit cards, check cards, credit cards and electronic checks, (e-checks). (An electronic check is an electronic payment made directly from your checking account).
  2. You can place cash or checks in the offering plate at Trinity services.
  3. You can mail checks to Trinity’s office at the address below.
  4. You can drop off cash or checks at Trinity’s office during office hours Monday through Thursday. Trinity’s address: Trinity, 12310 Lorraine St., Anchorage, Alaska 99516

Does online giving cost me or Trinity anything?

Trinity pays a small percentage of each transaction that is processed electronically, and a monthly fee for the service. The Elders of Trinity view this expense as necessary to meet the current needs of our computer-based society and members. You might also pay finance charges or banking fees according to your credit card and/or banking agreements – however, there is usually no charge for electronic checks. You can help reduce the costs to Trinity and yourself by keeping the following in mind:

  • The fees that Trinity must pay for processing credit/debit cards are higher than those for electronic checks.
  • The more often you give online, the more transaction fees Trinity pays.
  • If you pay your credit card balance off each month you are less likely to pay a finance charge.
  • In keeping with biblical principles we discourage anyone from incurring debt in order to give to Trinity. Please consider carefully before using your credit card to give.

Is online giving secure?

Our online giving provider, EasyTithe, uses state of the art data security. Follow the link on the previous page to see EasyTithe’s data security features. Note: The first time you give online, please click on “First Time” on the login page to set up your account. Once your account is created you can return to it at any time to make modifications to your giving, and to access your giving history.

What happens if I forget to log out of my EasyTithe account page?

You are automatically logged out when you leave Trinity’s website.

Can I change the form of payment or schedule that I have set up for Auto-Tithe?

Yes. If you have say, a Credit Card set up as your form of payment, and you would like to change to Electronic Checks you would need to delete your current payment schedule and set up a new one. Here are the steps to change it: 1. Sign in to your account. 2. Go to the Auto-Tithe tab. 3. Delete your current information by clicking on the gray “Deactivate Schedule” box. 4. Set up your new schedule and form of payment.

Who has access to my personal information, including the amounts I give online?

All online transactions are processed electronically. No one at Trinity handles individual online transactions. Trinity’s financial clerk and treasurer will receive reports of the total weekly giving amount, just as they do with our non-online offering system. The financial clerk is also responsible for providing year-end statements for each giver. You have the ability to sign in to your online account at any time to modify your giving or view your history.  

Special Offerings

From time to time Trinity’s offerings are designated for special purposes beyond the usual general operating budget of the church. Below is an explanation of some of those offerings.

Christmas Eve Offering

What: The offering given on Christmas Eve is divided among several missions and organizations that Trinity supports.

When: Christmas Eve services

Christmas Joy Offering

What: The Christmas Joy Offering recipients are the 6 PC(USA)-related racially ethnic schools and colleges located in the U.S., and the PC(USA) Board of Pensions Assistance Program for retired and working clergy who need extra financial help at special times. For more information about this offering please go here. When: Usually collected on two Sundays in December. There will be special envelopes in the pews and bulletins.

One Great Hour of Sharing Offering

What: The One Great Hour of Sharing offering is combined with offerings from Christians around the world to assist those affected by natural disasters, provide food to the hungry, and help build strong communities. For more information about this offering please go here. When: This offering is usually collected on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. There will be information in the bulletins in the weeks leading up to it, and special envelopes in the pews and bulletins on those days.

Peacemaking Offering

What: 25% goes to Trinity, 25% goes to the Presbytery and Synod, and 50% goes to the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program. For more information about this program please go to here. When: This offering is collected on World Communion Sunday, (the first Sunday in October), and possibly one other Sunday in October. There will be special envelopes in the pews and bulletins.

Pentecost Offering

What: The Pentecost Offering is used by PC(USA) for children at risk, youth, and young adults. 40% of this offering will be kept by Trinity and allocated by our Missions Team. For more information about this offering please go here. When: This offering is collected on the 7th Sunday after Easter. There will be special envelopes in the pews and bulletins.

Staff Love Offering

What: The staff love offering is a way for church members to show appreciation to Trinity’s program and administrative staff for the work they do throughout the year. Program staff are those that lead children, youth and music. Administrative staff are those that work behind the scenes running the business of the church and office. When: This offering is made in late December each year.

Gift-giving guidelines