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More About Trinity

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 |

We invite you to explore further to see the following:

What we believe

We believe…

that God intends our faith, while personal and intimate, to be grown and expressed in covenant community.

that the Old and New Testaments of the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit, represents God’s fully human and fully divine revelation to humanity, and is ‘useful in teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.’

that we stand under Scripture’s authority, in accountability to one another, and are guided and directed by the movement of the Holy Spirit.

that Jesus is God’s only begotten son, fully human and fully God. We affirm Jesus as God Incarnate, Emmanuel, God with us.

that the church is God’s mission community existing to glorify Him through: worship, service, fellowship, outreach and discipleship.

that the church’s core mission and purpose is to, ‘Go into the world…and make disciples.’

that when we were astray, at great cost, Jesus’ life, death and resurrection provides relationship and redemption with God. It is by God’s grace by which we are saved through faith.

that we were meant, because of Christ’s mercy toward us, to love and serve others, particularly ‘the least.’

that worship is the faith community’s honest response to what God has been doing in their lives through the week.

that what is unseen is more real than that which is seen.

that this earth is a gift from God entrusted to us as stewards of its health and resources.

Our vision statement

Trinity is “Filled-Up and Poured Out”

Jesus, The Source

“Whoever drinks the water I give will never thirst, the water that I give will become a fountain springing up to eternal life.” John 4:14

We are seeking…

To deepen our relationship with God through prayer To abide in Christ through his Word To embrace the loving presence of the Holy Spirit through spiritualpractice/disciplines

Gathers us to one community

“They devoted themselves to teaching, fellowship…and prayer…they broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God.” Acts 2:46-47

We come together…

In worship, to celebrate God’s daily presence in our lives In fellowship, to deepen relationships, affirming the gift of each person In equipping, each of us, for the mission and ministry of God Sends Us to All Communities “Be my witnesses both here…and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

We choose to go together to…

Share the Good News that freedom in Christ is a gift to all See and love all people as our neighbors, serving their needs Provide hope to the marginalized and the powerless in our world

Our response to recent changes in our denomination

The Session (the governing body of the congregation) of Trinity is prayerfully working through the challenges we are currently facing given the ever-changing landscape of the PC(USA). We embrace our Presbyterian and Reformed heritage which calls us to be a living witness to our Lord Jesus Christ, who alone is Head of the Church. We reaffirm our commitment to lead this congregation as carefully and prayerfully as we know how, in order that we may carry out her mission to serve Jesus Christ as faithful disciples; “filled up and poured out”. As a response to the current climate in our church history, we offer the following “Confession, Reaffirmation and Call” to be a guide for our future together.

We Humbly Confess:

  • We live in a broken and hurting world, separated from God, ourselves, one another and creation (sin). All of us are broken, even reprobates, and in need of God’s grace in Jesus Christ, our only Savior.
  • Individually and collectively, we have contributed, (often unknowingly), to injuring the unity of Christ’s church. We grieve over the division currently experienced within the PC(USA) specifically as it relates to changes in the polity regarding ordination standards.
  • Knowing that we come from many faith histories and experiences, and affirming God alone is Lord of our conscience, we are varied in our response to the PC(USA) changes.

We Readily Reaffirm:

  • The Holy Scriptures (the Old and New Testaments) are our only rule of faith and practice for us as disciples and as a church.(Book Of Order F-1.0401 and W-2.2001) They are the authoritative witness to the Way of the triune God in the world. The Scripture is God’s Word because it is inspired by the Spirit of God. It is ‘useful in teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.’(2 Tim. 3:16) We gladly place ourselves under Scripture’s loving authority, and in accountability to one another, by God’s grace.
  • The creeds and the confessions currently in our Book of Confessions, beautifully and powerfully express our faith and gives witness to Jesus Christ. We affirm our guidance by them and our commitment to the Reformed expression of our faith.
  • We know our church is only a local expression of the universal and diverse Church of Jesus Christ. Our visible oneness as a connectional church is an important sign of the unity of God’s people and one we take seriously. We consider our connection with other Reformed churches, through our shared profession of faith and governance, a gift from God.
  • We see ordination to be the church’s responsibility to prayerfully discern the movement of God’s Spirit, its current needs together with the discernment by persons, congregations and presbyteries. It is a gift that Christ gives, not a right of persons or groups.
  • All persons in leadership positions of the church (ordained or not) respond to God’s grace through the covenants of baptism and membership; confessing repentant (remorseful) heart for their brokenness and a desire to follow Christ in all they do and say. Ordination is extended to those who seek to live in obedience to the scriptures and guided by our creeds and confessions.

We Are Called:

  • We seek to live and love as Christ Himself, in both grace and truth. We have a predisposition for not living up to God’s standards of right relationships both in our personal life and our corporate life; in our home life and in our congregational life. We are grateful that God offers us that same forgiving and costly love that the father extended to the prodigal son (Luke 15).
  • We seek to uphold our best understanding of biblical truth while welcoming all, as we meet the brokenness of our age, such as the expressions we encounter of: individualism, entitlement, consumerism, sexual brokenness, materialism, parochialism, the vilification of enemies, and the like.
  • We want to hear one another even when we disagree yet strive to not injure the unity of Christ’s body. We choose to respect and not judge others who see the complexity of ordination differently from ourselves.
  • We are called to uphold our covenantal relationships where Christ has currently placed us in the family of faith. While the present actions of the PC(USA) do not require any change in our nomination process of leadership here at Trinity, it may change the process for some of other churches in the PC(USA). We will continue to monitor and work through the changing landscape of our denomination. Formal relationships with organizations such as “the Fellowship” will continue to be a part of our consideration if/when they assist us in fulfilling our mission as reflected in our vision statement. We commit to uphold the mission and vision of Trinity, her character and calling. God has a plan for us – a plan with a future and a hope.