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Posted on Oct 3, 2017 |

Greetings!  We consider it a huge blessing from God to commence serving Trinity Presbyterian beginning October 23rd and very much look forward to spiritually leading our first Sunday service on October 29th.

Both of us hale from the continuing Congregational tradition, a close parallel to the Presbyterian Church with Calvinistic roots.  We’ve served churches and focused chaplaincies – Rick in the military and Mary in the hospital setting – since the 1980s.  Together we share a combined 70 years serving in various capacities of professional ministry.

All of us, led by the Lord and working together, can touch the lives of many people with God’s great healing love throughout our community, around Alaska, and across the world.  We pledge to be with you in your continuing efforts to reflect God’s light and love and help people find Divine meaning and purpose in their lives.

With warm and loving regards,

Pastor Rick and Pastor Mary Koch,